Hi everyone I thought I would continue with my story about how my financial situation began to change.

As you may know from my previous blog, I left a marriage with very little money my children and determination to never have my children do without because I was a single parent. So I moved to Hamilton and found a home that was very large buddy in need of a significant amount of work. I remember my mother at the time thinking what am I getting myself into but I had a dream and I saw the vision and I knew that was a little bit of work and planning I could not only has a beautiful home but one that generated income.

This home was still is the one I consider home. This 2 1/2 story Victorian had space galore with front staircase and back staircases and some of my fondest memories are the kids running up and down. Everything that one lives in a heritage home this one had . The high ceilings the hardwood floors the beautiful mantle is the cornices the trim and the romance of times past in the very walls. Along with light room and the rooms for the kids there was a completely unfinished attic it held a world of possibilities it had several extra rooms and so we started to make this our home.

Little by little it became what we wanted it to be and what it also had was lots of extra rooms to have his students and borders and people just needed a place to be even for a time. So I spent the next several years , Ting out rooms making meals and all the while and somehow in the chaos it all worked. We interacted with some wonderful people students from near and far they were building their dreams and while living our lives we have a chance to get a snapshot into their‘s.

Some of these we still stay in touch with. It was a wonderful experience and financially lucrative. This only served to continue my desire to create spaces and income possibly with what already existed . Our family called this home until 2011 when we moved to another location but were able to keep this as a complete rental property. I must say we have been blessed with wonderful people who still since that day call at home.