Real Estate Investment Mentoring Services

Mary Couturier B.A. Property Investment Advisor, Broker and Residential Appraiser.

Introducing Girl “cents”™

A program to help women gain control of their lives and their money.

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Are you a woman finding yourself in a difficult financial situation – because of a divorce or other unfortunate life-changing event? You have come to the right place. I can help. I have been there. I know what it is like to try to re-establish financial security.

No, it is not easy. Let’s not kid ourselves. There is no magic solution. We all have out own situations, no two are alike. Aside from my own experiences, I have helped others towards their financial independence in spite of the challenges facing them. It takes nerves of steel, but the reward is that you get back your independence. And equity.

Are you left with table scraps of your previous equity? And you don’t know how to get it back? Let me help.

As a financial mentor, I will work with you on your personal situation to build a path to the future. Which will include real estate and other equities. You don’t know where to start? Well, that is the one major thing we need to talk about. We will discuss leveraging what you have, money or knowledge or other hidden potential resources. We will talk about tax implications, alternate funding sources, best way to save and many other things you may not have thought about.

Sounds good? Contact me and we can talk – free initial discussion. Frankly, I need to know a little bit of your situation. I can’t help everybody. And I don’t want to even try if I know I can’t help. But if we discover that I can help… we will put together a road map to success and I will work with you each and every step of the way.